De Filmfabriek bvba was created as a company in 1994 by Anne Quirynen, Anne Heyman and Peter Missotten. From the start, most projects happened to be crossovers between film production, video art, stage design and digital media.

From 1997 till 2006, de Filmfabriek was a full blown company centering around artists as Wies Hermans (graphic design), Kurt d’Haeseleer (video art), Bram Smeyers (production work and graphic design), Ief Spincemaille (production work and media art), Peter Missotten (Stage design). At the end of 2006, it was time to rethink the whole idea.

From 2007 until june 2010, de Filmfabriek/Peter Missotten was engaged as part of het Toneelhuis.
Most media art projects are now - from 2010 on - managed by de Werktank, an independent organization led by Kurt d’Haeseleer and Ief Spincemaille.

Projects from the past can be found here:

a short list of some of the past projects:

Film Production
production work by Anne Quirynen for a number of movies by Wim Vandekeybus
The Way of the Weed - Anne Quirynen/AnMarie Lambrechts/Peter Missotten,
the Cutting - Peter Missotten/Bram Smeyers
Sailor - Bavo Defurne
Goldfish Game - Jan Lauwers/Needcompany

Video Art
The Mind Machine of Dr. Forsythe - Anne Quirynen/AnMarie Lambrechts/Peter Missotten
Everything will be Alright - Anne Quirynen/AnMarie Lambrechts/Peter Missotten
Meer - Peter Missotten/Blindman Quartet
S*ckMyP - Kurt d’Haeseleer/Peter Verhelst

Stage Design
Wasp Factory - ro theater - Guy Cassiers
Bezonken Rood - ro theater - Guy Cassiers
The Woman Who Walked into Doors - ro theater/Muziek Lod - graphic design by Wies Hermans, video by Kurt d’Haeseleer - Stage design by Mark Warning
Paysage sous Surveillance - Ictus Ensemble - Georges Aperghis
Avis de Tempète - Ictus Ensemble/Opéra de Lille - Georges Aperghis
Rage d’Amour - Muziektheater Amsterdam - Rob Zuydam/Guy Cassiers
Fliegende Holländer - de Munt - Guy Cassiers

Graphic Design
Graphic and website design for the ro theater 2000-2006 by Wies Hermans,
(resulting in the first price for the best Dutch Theatre Poster Design in 2003 (Proust2))
website design for Blindman, Laika, SCAM/SACD, Toneelacademie Maastricht, Breda’s Museum etc... by Wies Hermans
website design for Needcompany by Bram Smeyers and Wies Hermans,

and last but not least:
some political action :-)