de Filmfabriek is een gerestaureerde melkfabriek in Bierbeek

De gerestaureerde melkfabriek van Bierbeek is een kunstenhuis en een exclusieve feestzaal.

Uitzonderlijk verhuren we de ruimtes in de gerestaureerde melkfabriek voor exclusieve feesten en evenementen…
Contacteer ons voor de mogelijkheden van onze feestzaal voor huwelijksfeesten en recepties…


De Filmfabriek is ook al meer dan twintig jaar een werkplaats voor mediakunstenaars, jonge performance kunstenaars en theatermakers.
Het is het atelier van decorontwerper en operaregisseur Peter Missotten.
Alle info hierover vind je op site

De Filmfabriek has been for over twenty years an independent factory for digital media and performance art.
It's the atelier of set designer and opera director Peter Missotten.
You can find all info about it on the site



Recent art projects:

* Working on 'Titanic'
After the succes of 'HADES', part of the 'Odysseus' presentation at the ITs Festival Amsterdam 2016, by the Platform for European Theatre Academies PLETA, we are now working on 'TITANIC' a new international project with 8 students of 7 different European countries.
You can find all about it here

* Set Design and directing of the world creation of an opera by Bernhard Lang
'DER GOLEM' at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. Opening night: April 16, 2016!
After working for a year on the video libretto for this new opera by the Austrian composer Bernhard Lang, we're now directing the world première in Mannheim. Although we've been training for three years now, my dog decided not to be a part of the performance. He goes for a career in the movies.

We've got a lot of very positive reviews!…
A super review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine (19/04/2016 - 'Man sieht, was konsequente Theater Arbeit zu leisten vermag') and an even better one in the Wiener Zeitung (20/04/2016 - 'Eine Fantastische Reise ins Unterbewusste').
Although it was quite an exhausting job (combining direction, stage design, video and light), It has been an honour and a privilege to make this opera at one of the largest stages in Europe. Special thanks to Bernhard Lang and Klaus-Peter Kehr for the confidence, and to Kaz Schonebeek (my assistant) and Casper Wortman (my video assistant) for the support and the hard work.
An overview of the press reviews can be found here.

You can watch the video libretto here online. It has no sound, that's why it's a music libretto…

Der Golem. A video libretto by Peter Missotten for a new opera by Bernhard Lang at the Nationaltheater Mannheim 2016. from Peter Missotten on Vimeo.

* A few new
video installations for the Mozartsommer Festival in Mannheim and Schwetzingen.
Based on the aria 'Basta Vincent' by Mozart, written during his short stay in Mannheim, Peter Missotten conceived two twin video installations in collaboration with Peter van Til.
In the foyer of the Nationaltheater Mannheim….
StallaertComposit 9


And in the cave of the Apollo Temple in Schwetzingen;
(you can read an online review over
here - in German)
Pasted Graphic

And as I promised my dog Perro a career in the movies,
I made a small video installation,
called 'Und das Warten'….

Recent projects:
* Set and light design for Guilherme Miotto – In Memory of a projection
A production by Dans Brabant and Korzo.
Inaugural Speech as professor Technology Driven Art as Zuyd University Maastricht, nov. 6 at the Toneelacademie Maastricht
* Set and light design for Guilherme Miotto –
Schau’n se mal um die Ecke
- set design for a new dance creation by Ghuilherme Miotto for Korzo
SLUTS OF POSSESSION - Set design for the dance performance by Gui Miotto and Rosie Kay. Video by Louis Price.
AN EXPOSURE BY - new work by Peter van Til and Peter Missotten, in which they hack into the history of Art - from Fra Angelico till Delfts Blue's.
* UNPUNISHED - a dance project of Guilherme Miotto has been rehearsing at our studio's in Bierbeek from aug. 13 - 26. Premiere February 2, 2013 at Cadance. Peter Missotten does light and set design.
...a physical tour de force as the couple perform an anthropological compendium of trance or ritual dances... Sluts of Possession is an absorbing, fascinating encounter... The Guardian ...they dance with the projections, interacting with the images as they move into and out of the projector beam. In one sequence their silhouettes loom large on the screen, obscuring the footage going on behind them and becoming anthropological subjects themselves. The effect is uncanny... Fest
ASINGONE - a video installation was on display at the Mozartsommer 2012 in Schwetzingen and Nationaltheater Mannheim.

On tape:
The Intruder (de Indringer), The Waste Land (WeerSlechtWeer) and ILLBEGONE are now available on DVD (subtitled in English) - get it by sending an email.
Also, the video registration of 'KEPLER' by Philip Glass is out on DVD. You can get it at and

At last, most of our visual past has been digitised at full quality!
'THE WAY OF THE WEED' by Anne Quirynen, AnMarie Lambrechts and Peter Missotten a science fiction dance movie, featuring Thomas McMannus and William Forsythe is now available! Eng. Spoken 52min or 82 min (two versions available)

And by the way, it's the home of a super friendly over excited dog: Perro.

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